#Day 3. My Tiny Enemy

Each time i feel awful and bad about myself, that’ time i truly need to retrieve my life purposes once again. Not in significant ways but i can be focused on avoiding one _demm_ tiny Lil devil

That intangible Lil devil will absorb my happiness like a dementor. The devil live in my past and he didn’t let me happy by myself, he always find the way to putting me down. He perennially sticks around to start attacking me. And he has no idea how destructive he was.

The devil i named Anxiety

This is me who trying to deal with my foe, fear, and sorrow. Every time i’ve persuaded i lost myself and driving nowhere

Therefore, rearrange my life proposal is always be my formula to keep in track. I am a positifve person and positivity is My other Energy XD. That all i need to face my future XD.

Daripada merutuki hari kemarin mendingan merencanakan hari esok, kalaupun lelah berencana tentang besok mendingan mensyukuri hari ini XD

Past is past, deal with it! .Don’t you dare to disturb any sleepin’ lioness, you tiny Lil devil!!

This post was included to daily prompt challenge : tiny

❤ cwh