#Day 4. I Need Transformation Push Button

Transformation was a genuine decision that happened to anyone, whether purposely or not, in smooth or a terrible ways.

There were a plenty concerning I could describe according to today prompt (transformation), for examples my difference life as a single to tied, me before and after the storm, my scrap draft about how people changed, or my simply mumbling about the paradox world. Yeah, they’re such a_freakin‘_ brilliant idea XD.

But I think I’ll pick none of them, XD XD

Transformation for me is more than re contempelating cases that already revealed, but it also to redefine how to transform from present to the best forward

What i really want in my life is paid all the good deeds people had done to me, and the least method i could find when i have nothing to return is by my prayer for their shake.

Moreover , i wanna be those muslimah whom prayer always be granted  *aamiin Allohumma Aamiin

So the transformation that i demand to consist is, hopefully, i always be better in any shape of me, in the way of islam.

My journey is never ended, if only i could yelling Henshin or push any button each time i want to transform, so please wish me to definitely always transform on the right path, keep wishing me, please… I need your prayer Soo bad

I hope your prayer will Back to you, multiplied. Aamiin

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❤ cwh