#Day 5. Banned

Today’s prompt quite arduous to portray, seems the word is non affected on me, or i just lost my awareness.hihi

By the way, this was my 3rd time complying postaday challenge by wordpress, for wp user you can  search daily post on reader , find the today prompt post to know particular issues on a day, it will give you an easiness every time you run out ideas.

Okay, back to banned issue…

Since long time ago, there’s one thing I wish to get : wordpress have banned tool to prohibit particular viewer on my site, maybe widget or plug in. Even though I use free domain cause it’s tricky to adding any customed plug in.

I made my personal site to enjoying my own life beyond feeding others curiosity, so any post I’ve publish special for my own goodness. Like you build your house with a low fence so people easily see your front yard, but never let any kind of them come inside your house, rite? We put our comfort as the  top reason no matter what.

And when some annoying people pointing your terrace then act as if they know your whole house then grumbling about why you have two fridges when others still starving, or why you use car instead of walk, or why you have green curtain, why your food always salty, why you washing your clothes, why you taking nap, or why you are exist, mehh…_heck yeaah_ like the only way to save the universe is by complaining others life.

So would be lovely if we have magical banned power to forbid those sort of person XD.

Frankly to said, when we irritated by others behavior or provoked by any harassment around, each time we sense any disturbances then react uncivilized as response, what we trying to do only soft indicate of how poorly our ability on maintaining deeply inside ourself.

Yes, we can’t control others but we never required to, cause what occurred inside always follow our command. For sure…

❤ cwh