#Day 6. Smoking Lips

I’m in the middle of heading to meet my husband, this weekend he can’t catch up to Solo so I’d be glad to come over.

Well, i have no clue nor experience related to smoke and I’m trying hard to seek any possibility XD

Unfortunately, this post was written on the afternoon but when i’m going to publish, it’s kinda late, today’s prompt already be changed *fiiuh. So i think i’ll take over another topic. Its not literally into smoking anyway.

Okay, let’s start with my other weird inclination,mueheheh…

I am a huge fan of lips XD

Sometimes when i met new people or just watching they around, im paying attention with their mouth zone. Firstly because that help me to understood what they’ve said to me, secondly it really hard to ignore if they have beautiful lips and smile. Oh, i adore those feature more than any part ofn their face. Its not an addiction XD

My behavior also be affected when i watching a movie or seeing picture.

So, what kind of lips shape i love the most? Hmmm, it’s secret but i’ll give one hint : the element of Wood.

I have my habit since i watching Bollywood movie : Kuch Kuch Hota Hay XD. Its give me a pleasure when seeing Kajol lips, they are so beautiful for me. Her was the first.

Angelina Jolie’s was not my type, neither was Kardashian’s

Source: pictart app

Okay, i think thats enough to chase up today post, see u next