#Day 8. The Gondolayu Bridge

The Gondolayu Bridge Located in the center of Jogjakarta. Each time i’ve passing over the Bridge i had one goal to be approached, to capture the iconic district below the Bridge ; The district of Kali Code

Today I’ve pursued my husband to stopped by and take a picture of me, yeeay… *gampang banget kan bikin saya hepi XD

The District of Kali Code is a Legendary achievement for Architecture of Humanity, on Romo Mangun hands ( Y.B. Mangunwijaya) he changes squatter area to independent area with independent people and its became  long lifetime model.

The way to educated people has inspired a lot of people and community to continue the movement : Architecture proved to be the answer of many social problems.

And now, the others flood plain district in Jogjakarta have a same purpose and treatment to be independent. One time in a year a delegation from the district and ArKom (Arsitektur Komunitas) having presentation and discussion overseas about their movement.

If only we have an awareness of our environment, we could do more to our society.


This post is also participated to Weekly Photo Challenge : Transmogrify

❤ cwh