#Day 9. Giant The Jayan

Today prompt is Giant

My mind went straight to one chara in Doraemon series XD. With big shape body and strong vigor made Jayan unbeatable rival. He always came as the antagonist who  trashing Nobita.

Jayan is such a peevish but turns out contrary loving person when facing her sister Jaiko.

Source : here

After all, Jayan figure has recalled my memory with my elementary school friend. I always had a battle with him and with anybody else in my class. What a sweet memory XD

I really had a physical fight, i tend to be my girlfriends guardian or something, sometimes i had to bleed, sometimes a ripped shirt or just losing my button. I never put myself nor my rivals in hard situations,until one time…

The Jayan and I have called by the principal, he threatened to leave the school if he doing the mistake again. My girlfriends had pleased by the news and start to provoke him anytime.

I feel released and bad at the same time. I was glad because he no longer hurting my friends anymore, but i sad if i be the reason he leaving the school. I was an overthinker since young coz no one calmed me down, they were busy with their own duty.

Childhood struggle is real, i won’t be that Jayan whom problems overtaking by physical power or by hurting others. And i hope my future children didn’t have to deal with me going through.

To my Jayan friend, i feel sorry for to all thing caused by me. You are a wonderful friend.

❤ cwh