#Day 12. A Bludgeon over My Head


Nowdays, there’s a massive movement into Jekardah related to unprofesional DKI Jakarta Governor’s speech Basuki Cahaya Purnama (Ahok). The movement will taking place at Jekardah by a walkpeace on 4th November 2016.

Ahok on his speech said  “Do not be fooled by Al Maidah 51”, he said that Al Qur’an was liying.

Many Muslim was hurted and got angry and they demand Ahok to be prosecuted. But he was not.

First time i saw the video about the speech i feel angry, how could a Governor said such thing? He was insulting her people belief. More over, he insulted Al Qur’an.
But i choose to passively respon those conflict, because i think its more important to shown as a good Muslim, more important tobe a good example. I choose to send prayer than participate. Yes, that my iman at its lowest point.

Then, i remember..

Oneday, Al Qur’an will permanently be taken by Alloh. When? We never know.

Maybe, when Muslim itself don’t have any attention or careness about Al Qur’an anymore.

Maybe, when Muslim attacking another Muslim because of a bit different amal.

Maybe, when Muslim defending on other than his Muslim brother

Maybe, when Muslim feel not need to stand on his Faith

Maybe, when Muslim lost his careness about his Faith…

Those thoughts hit me like a budgeon over my head. I had to do something. Stand tobe a Muslim.

Because i never acquisce in loosing my Faith, no matter what.
❤ cwh