#Day 14. Satnite Mumble


I missed daily prompt again, but its okay perhaps i can present it next time…insyaalloh

I have a lot of concepts which i want to share about yesterday, because my heart still overwhelmed right now.

I can’t do else but mumbling, ignore me as now..

Hello there, a little Chamber in my labirynth…how’s going?

If you could do more, you won’t feel this much regret, did you?

I knew how you wanna be there badly…

Rustling on your heart… Beat after beat..

Still there carrying a bunch of confession

This makes you into tears…

Are you ready now?

Something crossing on my head flashly, jump to jump, so noisy up there..

I often feel this way, some kind of rush hour on my head.. but honestly im enjoyed, because at the end i will always got surprised of the conclusion.

I love how my head working, intuitively copiloted by my feeling. I got my best.
Still thinking

❤ cwh