#Day 16. Relish Dish : Bakmi Ketoprak Kartopuran



Me and my husband have a same appetite for Food (or maybe he just give up his own to mine XD, i don’t really know). We both love salty and briny meal, except for particular ingridients he hate what i love and i hate what his fav. Yeaah, like i love and hate him at a same time, but love him bigger XD

I’ll show you one of me and my husband favorit dish :

Bakmi Kethoprak Yu Nani Kartopuran

Bakmi Toprak Kartopuran (i usually said), located near Lapangan Kartopuran Kecamatan Serengan. You can easily find by googlemaps.

It was a Legendary dish for me because i have a lot memories. First time when i spent my junior high school’s holiday by following my sister activity. I slept over on her boarding house and Bakmi Kartopuran was the second dish i’ve eated. And many occasions after that.

Its so yummm…

It has tempe, tau, bakwan, sosis solo, tetelan, kacang goreng, mihun with seledri and Karak dressing and rich flavored broth…

Try eat !!

❤ cwh