#Day 19. Primp Time


Not many acquitance knows that i love make up do, instead of making my face look great i did make up because i love primping as my other media of drawing. Therefore I often look with my naked face than primped. I only doing make up when i’m bored, thats all XD

For several occasions i was trusted to do make up of my friend’s graduation, I was pleased and excited. Furthermore, I aiming to be a profesional make up artis, someday XD

How’s my primp skill? Frankly saying my skill is below the average , girls nowdays is more prepared and practiced with all make up stuff. You’d barely see an ugly girls out there, they are so pretty right now, ugly girls is just a myth, muehehee…

When I was single there’s no reason for me for being pretty by primped . I wanna see as the trully inside me instead of how sophisticated i’d be by covering my pale and pallid face.

So, when I married… I wanna look great all the time for someone who deserved, for someone that love me just the way i am, with all my dull and freckless. I want to primp for him.


My husband prefer me to looks natural, without any colored make up on. Even he hate when I put on my lipenstick (FYI, lipenstick is the only instant way for me to look mature XD , because my face is..uhmm…what can i say, “stop aging at 13 yo” maybe ?? XD XD)

Despite my primp skill still pity and my husband stay away when I trying to kiss him with my lipensticked lips, make up stuff is still my thing anyway…
❤ cwh