I’ve ever read that each person have their own timezone, like Obama finished as president at 50th and Trump started at 70, so don’t be envy nor frustated when other had accomplished their path earlier than we did. 

I used to think my life is full of delaying, so slowy and kinda late for anything. Based on those circumstance makes me horrible about myself, i’ve regret everything and the worst was, i blamed myself.

By the time flies, i realize… people have their very own timezone, right thing in the right moment. We live on our own timezone not other’s whatsoever. When something we are expecting the most hasn’t come to happen, its maybe just not our time. Maybe later, keep working on.

The timely matter isn’t only about our timezone, but our attitude also. We have to know exactly when we act and keeping silent, do not wasting our energy on the silent mode, vice versa, we need a strategy to make an action. If we lucky enough, time will heal our wound and provide answer to us.

Recently, on my silent mode i had thinking a lot and however its come across to some state of union. While, i still considering to get any strategy to be solved and in the other hand, i have the answer.

Now, i’ll put a sneakpeak down about my state of union.

+ Your spouse was the key of your peacefull mind, hide nothing and keep their trust
+ Still, the person whom you depends the most is yourself
+ Others yard is (literally) never greenier than mine, because they only have carport instead of a lil piece of grass. So, i have nothing to be envied about them :mrgreen: although thats all i have :mrgreen:
+ Put family first
– Do not torture someone who suffer enough because of love

– Silent is the best answer, fyi..sometime we let it be not because we didn’t know but simply because its not the right time 

embrace myself, goodthings is coming XD