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Sorry, but my post has nothing to do with Logan_Wolverine_James Howlett or else, muehehe. I just love to put his picture on without any purpose :mrgreen:, i mean, Who can resist those charming guy, isn’t? wkwkwkkw.

Honestly, this is my way to save myself from a chronic heartbreak after watching his last film LOGAN. I’m feeling the emptiness, there’s so much denial by the very beginning scene, Oh Marvel what have you done to him !

However, Logan never let me to be disappointed for so long, so after a while there  a short video of his interview spreading on my timeline, and somehow my faith full restored ,yihaaa!! ❤ ❤

This is the link for the interview : Youtube and UNILAD. Sorry i can’t attach a direct video.

Okay, lets way back to the origin post..

There’s one thing haze me all this time about an opaque coincidence between me and my phone, XD. for the last 5 years nearly i had 5 different phone so far.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but the longest time i had my phone is 1,5 years, approximately each year i lost them, it is because my clumsy or my bad habit i don’t know. Once, i lost it on market with my bag’s zipper open. Then, it felt down and crushed by a truck on a traffic light. Then, being mugged by a thief on a motorcycle, ever been felt on my washing bucket too, and much more XD. The list will be longer in the past years but i don’t remember how i’ve lost them anyway. So put my last 5 years will be enough.

FYI, the phone is on several sorts condition : New/ Secondhand, Self Purchase/Gift, Old/Latest Edition.

Apparently, Now i have broken my latest phone too XD, its because i set a murrotal near me when washing clothes and somehow it felt down to the water, it just a few flash but when i get to the service center it need a major alteration 😦 . The phone was from my hubby because my earlier new phone being mugged on the road.

My question is, why i have such bad connection with those devices 😦 ? i really have no idea

❤ cwh