It’s happened to you or just me?

Its a blog stuff…

I write and edit in a same portion with smarthphone or pc but some unverified changed did happen in no warn time to my several posts, oftenly the content is gone and the attached picture is missing, and sometime it show up different version of revision.

While mostly i write by smartphone i barely can edit its content and so was the others, then howcome it change accidently?

I knew the differ because periodically i did blogwalking to my own page to gaining a spirit from my own story but what i’ve found was a bit dissapointment, the post is corrupt by it own way ; lost contents, vanishing picture, disordered version, messy texts, etc…

So, if any of you meet an empty post i beg you pardon and feel free to comment or asking any arrangement

Sorry for incovenience

❤ cwh