Goes To Anniversary

Alhamdulillahilladzi bini’matihi tatimmush sholihat,..

Alhamdulillah for all the blessing in such many ways, i’ve never thought i nearly passing a year as a wife yet to live as i am now…

A year that could be nothing than just a single blink, flashy that i am confuse where the last year have gone . Although many kind experiences i’ve been through ; love, laff, joy, cry, lost… surely there’ll be even more, in a long waiting lists.

What is the meaning of marriage?

Have you ever think about the meaning  of your marriage? of course you have! How silly i am. Marriage is a life changing stage for its couple and whoever involved, its a big deal for someone life. But this isn’t my field to talk about it even just a testimony, why? Because my journey is still far away. I think its too soon to step on a conclusion considering where my feet stands now. Wkwwkkw

I won’t act wisely as if i’ve been married for a thousand years, but i won’t hesitate to give a caption to my callow marriage, mueheehehe…

My marriage for me is

a way to know myself better, to reveal who trully i am and really to understand that my spouse is me in another shape, the better i am is the better he is, the bad of him all because i can’t handle my own freckless

Well, a single year compare to long life time could be nothing. But there always something we can learn, insyaalloh.