Morning breeze is the most therapeutic energy all over the day as I start my activity,  its my luck that I could live in such calming environment. No, i’m not live by the padi fields nor sorrounded by natural scenery. 

I’ve live among the other residences, but as along I can hear a crowing rooster and a whistling birds plus some direct sunshine passing through my windows plus breathing air of the morning breeze, thats my simphony to booster my day, what a heaven XD

Its a fortunate to feel, receive and accept the miracoulus nature morning duty as long as possible before polution take over it, and before we drowning on mankind bussiness. 

The best part of simphony that simphony is not always about anything you can hear, but also everything you can see, feel and touch. Simphony simply is the way each part of your body responses and create a good vibe and mood
My morning simphony works as meditation to me, so calmly yet full of energy. Alhamdulillah bini’matihi tatimmush sholihat 🙂

Video: a part of the simphony (wow, now I can attach a video, yeayy)
❤ cwh