Partner Last Forever?  one in a milllion I think cause there’s nothing such immortal like that. Somehow, replacement always available…

I’ve had a couples of ninetynine on my fish pond, the 99 Growth faster than the other fishes, they’re energetic, taugh, and so agresive, they were good in fighting parasite.

Unfortunately,  later I know that they shouldn’t put together with different fish because they will attack and could kill them, they act like a gangsta, sight on one fish then attack brutally, and when one was kick off to death then they aim to other fish, one by one and yes there many victims😭😭.

So one day I decided to place them in the net wired bar so they uncapable to hurting other fish, but what happened next will make you blown away (this sentence like used by a click bait 😁😁)

Inside the net bar they attack the most weak among them till its killed, and by the time they lessen from 6 to 2. The weakness one still attacked by the strongest, but for this last victim was so desperately and suffer for so long so I decided to release it to the pond.

But, when this two was sparated, the one Inside the net bar being so silent, it refuse to eat and moving,  it just stood still on a same place. And the released one is keep look after and kissed ( all of them used to have a unique habit; once I release them to the pond they’ll make a special coreography to celebrate ; moving around then kissed each other)

The released one keep looking  the inside , and after he killing other fish I putting it back to the net bar. In the net bar, the weaknest still attacked by the strongest, and the next morning its dead 😭😭😭

The last 99 being single for a while, its still refuse to eat nor moving, its seems depression because of loneliness although still accompanied by other species,and after a major deplate two days later it comes to death. 

Luckily 99 is just a fish, no matter how you can’t life without other but destructive is a must, so you’ll always attacking the one you need the most. Imagine if a human do the same…

That’s distinguish man from an animal, in spite of a same kingdom; animal. So, treat your partner as if you’d loved to treated. Don’t be like an animal😁😁🐟🐟🐠🐠 

*Ops,today post kinda 2 hours late from the nextday prompt πŸ˜…πŸ˜…