Not Casual


“He doesn’t spoke any word,  so maybe he’s cool with that”

“Because she doesn’t make any action nor telling something, maybe she’s fine”

Feeling familiar with those phrases? Then it stuck in our mind then legitimating a quiteness is another yes?

Have you ever tired of triying to pursue someone or saying what your intens that you choose to silent all along?

Despite an anger, silence also mean ignorance. And when somebody come cool as if everything allright for him/her, maybe he/she put down his/her careness by then. Its not casual at all.

For some people its easiest to play silent than confront and deal with a drama. Another reasons was, not all people can freely speak their thoughts, especially the introvert. Because they still hoping that whatever they do, they try to avoiding uncomfort situation that can happen.

So, what should we do then?

Have a boundaries of how far we can intervent other’s life, joking in a right place. What is good for us maybe not well for them.