For the past couple months i’ve watching the moon is bigger than before, when its comes to the peak time it looks solid and massive round, and also so close.

This morning, after subuh as usual I get my routine and see a magnetic deep Orange circle with a shimmering light on the west side, its a perfect duck’s Orange rounded yolks moon , I wish I had the picture by my self.🌕🌕🍳🍳

I remember a story from my NtMS article, One time a middle aged wife was asked by her mentor..

“Tell me my dear, you’ve been so quite about your husband all this time, I haven’t heard a single grumple about your husband. Are there’s nothing you hate or complain about your beloved husband?”

“Not at all my honoured teacher, my husband is full of flaws, as much as the Stars in the sky, its too much that I couldn’t mentioned one by one, and her kindness is just a single one, like the Sun. But, as you know… When the Sun is comes up, its brightness eliminated all the Stars’s shimmer.”