#Day 12. A Bludgeon over My Head

Bludgeon Nowdays, there’s a massive movement into Jekardah related to unprofesional DKI Jakarta Governor’s speech Basuki Cahaya Purnama (Ahok). The movement will taking place at Jekardah by a walkpeace on 4th November 2016.… Continue reading

#Day 11. Copycat

Source : (love meow) Copycater is no.1 artist’s biggest enemy. Like plagiarisme and hijacking, Copycat had no respect to other’s hardwork, they didn’t appreciate creativity itself. People often missunderstanding between copycating and inspirations, they have many… Continue reading

#Day 10. Eerie Morality

Kemarin, di beranda fesbuk lagi rame banget dukungan dari para komikus idola saya. Dukungan dengan tagar #temennyaEmbu bikin dunia perkomikan Indonesia sedikit terguncang. Saya sudah tidak begitu mengikuti perkembangan komik namun nama nama… Continue reading

#Day 9. Giant The Jayan

Today prompt is Giant My mind went straight to one chara in Doraemon series XD. With big shape body and strong vigor made Jayan unbeatable rival. He always came as the antagonist who  trashing Nobita.… Continue reading

#Day 8. The Gondolayu Bridge

The Gondolayu Bridge Located in the center of Jogjakarta. Each time i’ve passing over the Bridge i had one goal to be approached, to capture the iconic district below the Bridge ; The district of Kali… Continue reading

#Day 7. Aku Ingin Punya Banyak Cerita

Daily prompt for today is rearrange I do love to rearrange stuff, give me mood booster when its done. So does with rearrange targets and milestones, so many times i feel renewed and get excited.… Continue reading

#Day 6. Smoking Lips

I’m in the middle of heading to meet my husband, this weekend he can’t catch up to Solo so I’d be glad to come over. Well, i have no clue nor experience related… Continue reading

27 Oktober, Hari Blogger Nasional

Ternyata Indonesia sudah punya hari khusus untuk memperingati Blogger Nasional permisah, dan sudah ada sejak 2007 silam, huwaduh kemana yaa saya selama itu ,haha. Source: pictart app Baiklah kalo begitu coba saya ingat… Continue reading

#Day 5. Banned

Today’s prompt quite arduous to portray, seems the word is non affected on me, or i just lost my awareness.hihi By the way, this was my 3rd time complying postaday challenge by wordpress,… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

This is my first time participate weekly photo challenge. Yeaay Taken by Xiaomi Yi Action Cam, watermarked with PicArt app, Located on Borobudur Temple, uploaded by Smartphone with poor resolution I pick this photo… Continue reading